Welcome to Ataraxis Health and Fitness, where it’s all about helping you reach your fitness goals.

Matthew Santiago is the founder of Ataraxis Health and Fitness and a world class speed bagger. He is an experienced certified personal trainer in the Hudson Valley, with 10 years of working with over 200 clients one-on-one.

Matthew has several areas of expertise that he can provide to you. Whether you’re new to the gym, looking to restructure your fitness routine, or a strength or physique athlete looking for advanced programming in body building, power lifting, or weight lighting, Matthew is for you. Matthew provides individualized fitness programs to help you succeed!

Ataraxis means to be in a mental state free from stress and anxiety. This reflects Matthew’s training philosophy. The gym should be a time for you to enjoy- to let go of the daily life stressors and focus on yourself.

Your goals are within reach with Matthew! Contact him today!