“Matthew Santiago became my trainer when I was in my mid-seventies in early September of 2013. He has helped me greatly by getting me strong so that when I tend to totter, due to an earlier head injury and to having poor short-range vision; I rarely actually fall down. For the rare times when this now 79-year-old does fall down, we have worked out and practiced a method for me to get up again on my very strong legs. Matthew is smart, patient, and kind. He enjoys helping people of all ages set and reach their fitness goals.”

-Amy Vane Goldbaum

Testimonial – Michael Okeefe

“Matthew Santiago is the man! I’ve trained with many trainers, done yoga and Pilates, and Matt ranks as one of the best athletes I’ve ever worked with. He communicates well, gives clear demonstrations, and makes a tuff workout fun.”

-Michael Okeefe

Testimonial – Victoria McCarthy

Victoria McCarthy showing strong arms
Victoria McCarthy – eaglepix by C-star Photography

“On top of being knowledgeable and insightful, Matthew is extremely engaging and keeps my fitness program equal parts challenging and enjoyable. From the moment he took me on as a client, he asked about my fitness goals and what I’d like to get out of this process. It’s important to me, keeping exercise part of my daily routine. He creatively produced a program that is best suited for me. He supports and gently urges me to step outside my comfort zone, and to try something new. His ability to communicate with his clients is top notch. If ever I feel discouraged or frustrated with the process, he is 110% present to motivate me to work harder, and succeed. Seemingly overnight, my body composition and mental focus changed. Matthew’s rates are affordable and he is flexible with scheduling. Working with Matthew has been the best possible personal investment I have made.”

-Victoria McCarthy